Lisa of Delisa Boutique April 2020

Time to expand - the search is on!

After 6 years of running the littlest hat shop ever, which was bursting at the seams -  it was finally time to take the plunge and move from our little postage stamp sized shop and expand to move forward with future projects.

The 'wish list' for the perfect shop

Bigger shop . This was obviously top of our list of priorities, but having grown steadily over the last 6 years - finding space for new products was like an advance level of tetris.

Atelier Space. Having worked and created most of my hats, bags and accessories from a 2m2 area - I was starting to suffer with claustrophobia. A bigger area to create and be inspired was also top of my list. 

Storage Space. Having fabrics and supplies stored away in boxes, stacked away on top of each other - even the best organised person (which I definitely am not!) will have trouble finding the exact morcel of fabric required on the first attempt. The dream shop will have an area for my fabrics to be neatly folded and stored on shelves, allowing easy access.

Location - I know they say location, location location - and they are right! The little hat shop was located on a side street in the historique town, the main disadvantages being it's on a big hill with minimal passing trade, and as such many of the shops around me have closed over the last 6 years. But, I really wanted to stay in Grasse and continue to be a part of the towns regeneration plans - the town has been good to me and I love the community spirit. So a big shop on the main tourist trail.

Budget - Cheap as chips was what I was after! Grasse is a great town, full of many great shops and attractions. It is world famous for it's perfume industry and perfume creators. As such, many of the tourists who visit are coming to buy a slice of that pie. So, with no perfume to sell to the masses, selling potential is not on a par with nearby towns like Cannes and therefore neither should the rental prices!

And the lucky winner is: 16 Rue Marcel Journet, Grasse 06130

After literally months of searching and keeping our ears to the ground, as they say - we found the perfect candidate!
It's a little rough around the edges - but it's a quirky shop with little nooks and split levels. It has a large window display area. A little nook for selling our hand painted silk scarves. A retail display area three times the size of the little hat shop. Enough space for a client seating and consultation area. As well as an atelier space bigger than Canada (well not quite, but I'm sure you get the picture!)
It needed alot of work, but that's not something we're afraid of - so we were sold . So after a little negotiation, the price and date were agreed. 

Keys - check, Contract - check and ACTION!

No-one escapes the painting - it's a family affair and all hands are on deck!

With a lot of help and hard work, the new look is starting to take shape. Retextured walls, new skirting boards installed, new window box made and lots and lots of tubs of paint later, we can start to see the potential.

Once we started to install the shop fittings and shelves, the shop really starts to take shape. We're thrilled with the airy feel and the new client seating and consultation area will be a big hit. 

"For the last 6 years I've been rather fond of telling people we have a 'little hat shop' in Grasse - I will have to change my ways as we're about to have the 'biggest hat shop' in Grasse!".

And of course, I couldn't resist testing out the selving with a few hats.....

After a hard few weeks work - it's time to take the troops to lunch.

And then came the unthinkable, just as we were all set to start stocking the shelves and renovating the atelier space - COVID 19 hit the world and France went into lockdown. All commerces were closed and work has to stop. So, watch this space for the next chapter!

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