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The delisa project gets a celebratory ‘selfie’!


Yay, or should I say Oui!

I finally feel like we are getting somewhere. Our project for our very first delisa boutique has offically been accepted by the town of Grasse.

After submitting our proposals and then endless meetings to validate our business plans, the town council have officially accepted our proposals as ‘viable’ and in keeping with their regeneration plans for the quaint little town of Grasse.

Our proposals had to be agreed by the regeneration comity, which is made up of council officials, including the Mayor. Unfortunately for us, the local elections were in full swing at the time our plans were submitted, which could have meant a 2 month delay. Luckily for us, Christine from the local council was looking after our ‘dossier’ and she loved our proposals and pulled a few strings to keep our paperwork flowing through the council cogs……

We were out shopping in Cannes when we got the call and unfortunately, we weren’t anywhere near a bottle of bubbly, so my husband Steve, my daughter Gabby and myself just had to celebrate ‘selfie’ style instead!

Thats’s another ‘hoop’ crossed off of our list and we are looking forward to the next meeting with the ‘business advisory comity’………

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