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Mustard button pendant necklace



Product Description

Unique and original Délisa designer necklace – black and mustard button pendant necklace,  Eco-design upcycled vintage button necklace, Gorgeous mustard statement pendant necklace sure to turn heads and add a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your outfit. These adorable necklaces are handmade and made to last!

These necklaces are perfect for a gift, to compliment your outfit on a special occasion or even to simply stand out from the crowd on an every day basis! Plus, this unique and original necklace can go with any outfit, regardless of the time of year.
Whether you want to stand out from your friends or coworkers, this adorable necklace is perfect for you!

* Wear this eco-design necklace with jeans or your special little black, white or summery flowery dress!
* One of a kind
* Various buttons from my collection of vintage buttons (see below for how I started collecting buttons!)
* Silver coloured metal cable necklace with screw closure, diameter approx; 14 cms
* Buttons are fixed in place with jewelry wire
* A Gift box and a little map of Grasse is included, perfect and ready to give to someone special

Hand made in my studio / boutique in the center of the historical town of Grasse. Famous for it’s perfumeries, Grasse is the world’s perfume capital – located on the French Riviera.


If ever you would like something more specific, please message me so we can discuss together what you would like!

The vintage button story……How my collection started….
It was my friends mums 80th birthday and she was visiting her parents for the weekend, so I made her my ‘lemon cheesecake’ for her to take with her. Being french, I knew a ‘cheesecake’ would be quite a novelty for them.
My cheesecake obviously hit the spot and she came back with a present from her mum for me.
A HUGE box of buttons which she found in the ‘grenier’ for me. My friend remembers being allowed’ to count, play and string the buttons together when she was a child (40 odd years ago).
So, the moral of the story is : Bake more cheesecakes!


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