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Let the fittings begin..

After what seems like hours of debate and a few tantrums we have finally agreed on shop fittings!

Our original idea of glossy white shelving units was given the thumbs down during our first (of many) visits to the shop fitters showroom. Although they were within budget, sturdy and in keeping with the modern feel we wanted – they simply weren’t right for displaying hats. Which, lets face it isn’t a lot of good for a hat shop!

We left feeling disappointed about the fittings but we did manage to pick up a brochure and we left with arms full of bags and boxes for gift wrapping our creations!

Back to the drawing board……..

After a few hundred flicks through the brochure, we were pleasantly surprised with the cost of a particular shelving system which caught our attention in the showroom. After a bit of number crunching, digging through our pockets for a few extra centimes (cough cough) we are agreed – Queen Vogue shop fittings are the way forward and we will resolve to not eat for the next fortnight!

A few phone calls later, and we have reserved the available stock in the Fejus, Cannes and Nice branches of their stores – all that remains is a few kilometers to collect the fixtures and fittings.

To excited to wait, we went straight from the Frejus store to our boutique and started work straight away.

We were very pleased with the progress and made arrangements to collect the next batch from the Nice store the following day.

On arrival at the Nice store, we were greeted by a member of staff who invited us to ‘help ourselves’ to anything being loaded into the skip. After I had fallen over with shock, dusted myself down and triple checked we left with enough freebies to fit out the entire work room and a rather nice glass display cabinet, which the staff very kindly dismounted for us! If only we had a lorry – we could have fitted out all the shops in Grasse! As it was, Steve was more than a little stressed out and at one point I thought I was going to have to walk home to make room for the freebies!

The next day we went to Cannes and collected a few more bits and placed an order for the final four shelves to complete the shop fittings. A little look around the showroom and we found a fabulous counter, the icing on the cake and the cherry on top – and we just couldn’t resist!

Et Voila – a hard weeks work and this is our reward….















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