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Elle magazine come to Delisa

Elle magazine come to Delisa

Well this week turned out to be a rather interesting one.

Out of the blue I received a phone call from Elle Magazine, asking if it would be convenient to make an appointment for an interview. Once I’d picked myself up from the floor, I stammered a yes, no problem! What I was actually thinking was….”Duh, yeah”

All good you would think, but then you start thinking…Crap! is the shop tidy? Has that weird smell in the stockroom gone away? Are the windows dirty? What am I going to wear? Should I get my hair done? What am I going to say? What if I don’t know the answers and come across as a blithering wreck? You know the drill.

Fortunately common sense kicked in and I made the obligatory coffee. A copious amount of industrial strength air freshener was unleashed in the stockroom, and the windows were given a quick once over. Sticking my nose one more time in the stockroom (just to be double sure) I headed home to boast to all that would listen.

Morning comes, and I’m out of bed like a jack in the box to sort the hair, face, and wardrobe. A few hours later, (Yes…that’s how long it takes me) I’m unlocking the shop door. First thing I thought was…“Oh for gods sake, I’m sure that smell has returned” But five coffees later, I decide it’s a figment of my deeply threatened imagination, and settle down to receive my almost royal visit.

At the appointed hour of 10 o clock, in she comes beaming a lovely warm smile, and the interview starts. Believe it or not, I knew all the answers to her questions. On reflection, I’m not quite sure what I was worrying about, because obviously, I would know the answers wouldn’t I? She;s asking me about stuff I do every day.

In a flash, she’s saying her goodbyes, shaking my hand and is suddenly gone.

“That was Elle magazine”, I said to myself. I just got interviewd by Elle!!! Anyway. The interview will be featured in the April 27th edition of ELLE MAGAZINE and you can bet your life I’ll be back here telling you all about it.


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