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D day draws nearer as we are lent the keys – permanently!


The delisa boutique project is still in full swing. There are still a lot of  ‘hoops to jump through’ before we can officially take possession, but it will be worth the wait.

My parents popped over from the UK for a short holiday and I was disappointed that the French formalities couldn’t be completed in time for them to spend their well earned holiday with a paint brush in hand……. (not to worry, there is always next time!)

Pictured here with my dad having a very pleasant day out in Grasse, I plucked up the courage to ask to borrow the keys to show them around. To my surprise, not only did they agree but they suggested we keep them in case we needed to show anyone else around! Perhaps it’s because they consider me to be a strange English woman (a charming one, though!). For your reference, ‘strange English woman’ translated into French = ‘ahhh, les Anglaises!’

I left my parents outside the shop and popped into the Mayors office to collect the keys. Unfortunately, I didn’t reappear for almost an hour as the very nice woman (Sophie) insisted upon introducing me to every member of staff in her building! I think I am now officially known as ‘Lisa avec les chapeaux!’ – aka the hat lady!

In most countries, one would expect to have to at least sign a piece of paper or pay a rather hefty deposit before being entrusted with the keys. However, this is France, so following office introductions, I was then escorted to the shop and introduced to every shop keeper along the way.

I now know everything there is to know about macaroons, Breton Crepes, Masculine perfume and home made Italian icecream!

So with keys now firmly in our pockets, it’s time to measure up, clean up and get to work on the plans……..

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